Gvidado Maren Costa - Creating Clarity

I left every session with Gvidado feeling more enlightened and more invigorated to tackle the challenges in front of me.

Maren Costa | Design leader & Activist

Dedicated me-time

I was hoping for help with clarity. Someone to help me think through various possibilities. To ask me probing questions and help me find some way to structure my thinking. Someone to challenge me when potential distorted thinking happens because of issues in my past. Just dedicated time and accountability to focus on the questions at hand.

And that is exactly what I got!

Safe space

The probing questions helped me confront my limiting fears. Because of that I was able to explore and open up my imagination to envision possible futures. The atmosphere was one of emotional safety and zero judgment. It was all part of my journey of creating clarity.

Stay on track

I felt I was given complete control over the outcome, which I always would want. But the gentle guidance kept me on track. It helped me to get there with the confidence that I was staying true to my values. 


Create impact and be happy

I learned I have a lot of fears and self doubt. But I also dialed in on what is really important to me. And I explored the various environments where I will likely be most happy and then therefore most impactful. I really liked being able to explore multiple possibilities and multiple ideas. Not just to get clarity about what I want but also getting clarity about what I don’t want.

Now, every morning I wake up, I know that I have a clear idea about my end goal. And at the same time I know that starting on my path towards that goal, it might lead to an endpoint somewhere else. Because you cannot see that other outcome until you start on the path towards the original goal. And that’s OK!